Oakview Preparatory School

About Us - Curriculum


Oakview Preparatory School embraces a Bible-based, top quality, comprehensive CURRICULUM that will:


  • Integrate faith and learning at all levels (Pre-K-8) and in each subject area. (Help children to see God as the Source of all Wisdom).

  • Meet the needs of the individual child, i.e. provide for individual needs and special talents. (Remediation and enrichment to be given where and when needed).

  • Advocate Academic Excellence and Competency in all areas. Set high goals and expectations (spiritually, socially, academically, physically).

  • Prepare and provide opportunities for loving service to humanity – EVANGELISM



  • Equip each student with the academic and social skills and graces that will ensure effective interaction and participation in today’s global environment, and ultimately for service in the world to come multi-ethnic and multicultural experiences.

  • Teach Etiquette – Good manners, courtesy, deportment will be a part of the curriculum K-8.

  • Follow the guidelines of the Atlantic Union and Greater New York Conference Offices of Education

  • Meet and/or exceed the requirements/standards of the NYS Department of Education.