Oakview Preparatory School

School Hours

Schedule and Student Arrival/Departure Policy
Information Daily Schedule

7:45 AM - School Doors Open (Supervision starts at 8:00 AM)
8:30AM  - Classes begin (worship, attendance)
8:40 AM​  - Tardy (come to office for late pass )



3:05 PM - Dismissal (Pre-K to 8th  Grade dismissal)
   All students are to be out of the building by 3: 30 PM
*3:35-4:45 PM  - Emergency    Extended    Care.    
(Refer to Schedules  and Procedures pp. 24 # 3. A contract must be signed)
5:00  PM  - All students are to be out of the school building
All students are to be out of the school building. Parents should make arrangement for students’ departure from school immediately upon dismissal. The school cannot assume responsibility for students after school hours unless there is a written permission from the parents of those students that stay for after school activities. No student should be on the school premises after 5:00 PM unless parents have made other arrangements. All After-School activities are completed by this time.
*Students that are in the building within these hours will be asked to sit quietly in the classroom to complete their homework or any other learning activities while they are waiting for their parents.